NMA Schools

NOTE: Only fill in this application form if your child is already registered at NMA School. 

Please ensure that any documents uploaded are less than 1MB each. 

Medical Details

Please advise if your child has had any of the following:

Permission is hereby granted to NMA to administer Paracetemol to my child when running a temperature or an Antihistamine / Allergex in the event of an allergy of any nature. In line with Covid Policy - you are advised to keep your child at home if he / she is ill. Learners who develop symptoms at school will be kept in quarantine and parents will be notified to pick them up immediately.


The person responsible for the account hereby declares that :
  • The information provided is true and correct
  • Accept responsibility and accountability to NMA Schools for the prompt payment of all monthly fees and any application fees
  • I understand that any legal costs will be for my account should I fail to keep up with any and all payments due
  • I am familiar and aware of the NMA School monthly fee structure and application fees, and have no objections or issues with the amounts due.
  • The registration fee & payment of the first month’s fees are non-refundable. Only on completion and submission of this form together with the attached documents, the registration fee and the first month’s fee will your child’s place be confirmed.


    The application, its attachments and this addendum establish your legal rights and responsibilities and those of NMA Schools regarding your child’s participation and enrolment with NMA Schools. 

    Application updates will be required on a yearly basis.

    Section A – Indemnity and Undertaking

    We the parents hereby:

    1. certify that the particulars furnished are true and correct;
    2. understand that this application does not guarantee my child a place at NMA Schools, unless a confirmation email has been received;
    3. undertake that should our child be accepted, then we will abide by all the terms and conditions contained in this Application, and the Rules, Regulations and Policies of NMA Schools, all of which we have read and understood, and warrant that our child will comply with the Rules, Regulations and Policies of NMA Schools at all times;
    4. I tender payment of a registration fee (non-refundable) herewith. I acknowledge that I have downloaded a copy of the Prospectus, Addendum and POPIA which I have read and understood. I agree to make a payment of the first month’s fees to confirm the acceptance of my child to NMA Northcliff / NMA Linden / NMA Primary.
    5. undertake that our child will take care of all learning materials occasionally given on loan to our child and that we will reimburse NMA Schools the costs of all learning material damaged by our child, or not returned at year end, immediately upon demand;
    6. understand that should our child breach any of the Rules and Regulations of NMA Schools, then we hereby irrevocably authorise NMA Schools to immediately cease all learning / tutoring activities / de-register and or remove our child without reference or notice to us, and in which event we will have no claim whatsoever against NMA Schools;
    7. acknowledge that we are responsible for the due and punctual payment of fees, on a monthly basis, and that, by our signature hereto, we will irrevocably agree to comply with NMA Schools FEE Structure and agree that should we fail to pay the fees on the due date, then NMA Schools shall be entitled to cease all learning / tutoring activities and de-register / remove our child from the learning program and in which event we will have no claim against NMA Schools whatsoever;
    8. absolve and hold harmless NMA Schools, the owner, principal, director, educator, staff, employees and coaches from any and all claims whatsoever that may arise in connection with any loss of or damage to property, or injury to the person of our child howsoever caused. We are responsible for the payment of all medical costs, where applicable, should any injury be sustained which cannot be ascribed to the negligence of NMA Schools;
    9. give permission for my child to participate in all extra-curricular actives of NMA Schools unless otherwise specified by the parent in writing and agreed upon by NMA Schools and the parent;
    10. give permission for my child to go on educational tours and excursions as arranged by NMA Schools unless otherwise specified by the parent in writing and agreed upon by NMA Schools and the parent;
    11. fully understand, and hereby agree to and accept, that all activities conducted at NMA Schools and all tours and excursions shall be undertaken at my child’s own risk and I undertake, on behalf of myself, my executors and my child aforesaid to indemnify, hold harmless and absolve NMA Schools, the Owner, Principal, Educators, Teachers and staff against any claims whatsoever that may arise in connection with any loss or damage to the property or injury of my child aforesaid in the course of attending  NMA Schools and / or in the course of any activity, tour or excursion; 
    12. The school should please take note of all health issues as captured on this application.
    13. hereby allow the Principal and Educators of NMA Schools or any of its representatives to obtain urgent medical treatment for my child should this be deemed necessary. NMA Schools shall however, contact us to advise us on the nature of treatment required. 
    14. confirm that my child is physically capable of participating in extra-curricular activities and that my child is in good health. 

    Section B – Legal


    1. School fees are payable strictly as per the NMA Schools Fee structure included in this application form
    2. School fees are to be paid in monthly in advance unless agreed to in writing with NMA Schools
    3. Payments are to be made into the bank account provided, on or before the 1st of the month
    4. The registration fee is non-refundable 
    5. Accounts in arrears for more than 30 days will be considered overdue 
    6. Should an account be overdue, no lesson delivery will be provided to the student until an arrangement has been made in writing and approved by NMA Schools management
    7. In the event of any one payment not being made on the due date, the full balance, of outstanding fees will immediately become due and payable. 
    8. We agree to pay NMA Schools the fees as stipulated, monthly in advance, by the 1st of each month
    9. Fees must have been paid in full by the end of November of each year
    10. Non-payment of fees will result in your account being handed over for legal action, including the recovery of all legal costs on an attorney and client scale 
    11. Please Note that late or non-payment of fees over 12 months will be viewed as non-compliance with the school’s rules of registration and will be regarded a material breach of contract.
    12. We understand that we may be listed as a default payer with the credit bureau should we default with the payment of school fees 
    13. Should we wish to remove our children from NMA Schools at any time, we agree to provide NMA Schools with 3 months written notice
    14. NMA Schools is a non-cash operating school. All parents are to arrange debit orders to ensure that fees are paid timeously
    15. All parents applying to NMA Schools will allow the school to perform a credit check and will be responsible for the payment of the registration fee as well ass a credit check fee upon submission of the application form

    Breach of Contract: 

    In case the terms and conditions of this contract are breached the parents will be sent a written notice confirming the breach and be afforded 30 days to remedy the breach

    Should the breach not be remedied in the time provided NMA Schools may at its own discretion: 

    a) Deny provisions of further tutoring services to the student until the violation has been settled

    b) Cancel this contract

    c) Claim damage compensation in case of loss 

    d) Take any other legal steps as allowed by SA Law

    In the case the account holder does not pay the fees, and legal steps are taken, the account holder will be held responsible for any legal costs, lawyers fees and any other fees incurred

    Section C – Conditions of Acceptance

    1. The acceptance of any child as a learner at NMA Schools is subject to the admission criteria as set down by NMA Schools
    2. NMA Schools determines the admission criteria, the Fees, and the Rules and Regulations, and all matters relating to the general operation of NMA Schools. All such decisions are valid and binding upon the parents and learner(s)
    3. The parents, by their signature on the application form, irrevocably bind themselves and the child, to adhere to and comply with the Rules and Regulations and Policies of NMA Schools, and all such rules, regulations and policies which NMA Schools shall, in their sole and absolute discretion, may be determined from time to time
    4. A non-refundable application / enrolment fee, in an amount as determined by NMA Schools from time to time, must accompany this application. The application fee is payable via EFT. Any application which is not accompanied by the applicable application fee will not be considered. 
    5. Parents are obliged to
      1. Immediately inform NMA Schools of any changes in their residential or business address, and any changes to telephone numbers 
      2. immediately inform NMA Schools of any case of infectious, communicable or contagious disease that occurs in the learners household 
      3. ensure that the learner complies with NMA Schools Rules and Regulations and Policies 
      4. ensure that the fees are paid timeously 
      5. guard against any fact which may bring the good name of NMA Schools or the learner into disrepute


    NMA Schools POPIA Policy



    1. Introduction
    • The Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013 (POPIA) aims to give effect to the Constitutional right to privacy by balancing the right to privacy of the individual against that of access to information. POPIA requires that personal information pertaining to individuals be processed lawfully and in a reasonable manner that does not infringe on the individual’s right to privacy.
    • In terms of POPIA, a “Responsible Party” (in this case being NMA Schools) has a legal duty to process a “Data Subject’s” Personal Information (in this case being our students, parents and guardian’s personal information and related details) in a lawful, legitimate and responsible manner. In order to discharge this duty, NMA Schools requires parents and guardians to provide express and informed permission to process your Personal Information which permission is contained in Annexure A to this policy.
    • This Policy sets out how personal information will be collected, used, and protected by the NMA Schools, as well as how data subjects can participate in this process in relation to their personal information.
    1. Definition of personal information
    • According to the Act ‘‘personal information’’ means information relating to an identifiable, living, natural person, and where it is applicable, an identifiable, existing juristic person.  The POPIA Act, which has more specific examples if you need them, can be found at the following link: https://www.gov.za/sites/default/files/gcis_document/201409/370672611act4of2013protectionofpersonalinforcorrect.pdf
    1. Personal Information to be collected
    • The personal information that the NMA Schools will collect and store the following personal information for students, parents and guardians:
    • Name and contact information, including your email address, telephone number, physical address, postal address and other location information;
    • Date of birth, age, gender, race, nationality, title and language preferences;
    • Identity number, passport number and photograph;
    • Employment details;
    • Correspondence from individuals of a private or confidential nature;
    • Physical or mental health and wellbeing, disability, Medical History;
    • Educational and academic details;
    • Financial Information;
    • Employment details; and
    • such other personal information as is reasonably required by us to provide the required services.
    1. The purpose of the collection, use and disclosure (the processing) of personal information
    • NMA Schools is a learning institution which provides specialized education to its learners. It is the policy of NMA Schools to keep a profile on each of the learners attending the school. Learner profiles must contain certain information about a learn and their parents/guardians and by implication, this will include personal information.
    • NMA Schools is required to collect and use personal information for the purposes of: –
    • evaluating and processing Learner applications;
    • assessing and evaluating the educational needs of its learners;
    • reporting to the Department of Education or any legislative body which may be applicable from time to time;
    • reporting to the required educational authority which is it register with;
    • furnishing information to other learning centers and academic institutions where applicable;
    • compiling statistics and other research reports;
    • providing personalized communications; complying with the law; and/or for any purpose that is ancillary to the above; and
    • any other reason require by law or statute or in the continued provision of services which are reasonable required.
    • NMA Schools will not process personal information for purposes other than those which are identified above without obtaining prior consent from the individual concerned.
    1. What does the term ‘processing’ mean?
    • POPIA provides that the term “processing’’ covers any operation or activity, whether or not by automatic means, concerning personal information, including the collection, receipt, recording, organisation, collation, storage, retrieval, alteration, consultation or use; dissemination by means of transmission, distribution or making available in any other form; or merging, linking, as well as restriction, erasure or destruction of information.
    1. How will NMA Schools collect and process personal information?
    • POPIA requires that personal information “is collected for a specific, explicitly defined and lawful purpose related to a function or activity of the responsible party.”
    • Further, POPIA provides that personal information may only be processed if:
    • the data subject or a competent person where the data subject is a child consents to the processing;
    • processing is necessary to carry out actions for the conclusion or performance of a contract to which the data subject is party;
    • processing complies with an obligation imposed by law on the responsible party;
    • processing protects a legitimate interest of the data subject;
    • processing is necessary for the proper performance of a public law duty by a public body; or
    • processing is necessary for pursuing the legitimate interests of the responsible party or of a third party to whom the information is supplied.
    • NMA Schools may collect other personal information from time to time where the individual provides it to us, as necessary for our business requirements, or in order to comply with applicable laws.
    • Where it is lawful and practicable for us to allow it, the individual has the right not to identify itself when dealing with us. However, if the individual does not provide us with the required personal information, it may impact our ability to engage with the individual and/or provide the required.
    • NMA Schools will only collect personal information for the purpose as stated above and shall ensure that the learners, parents and guardians rights to privacy are not infringed.Information will be collected in the following manner:
    • directly from the individual/student;
    • from a parent, guardian, caregiver, relative, or other duly authorised representative;
    • from education institutions, training and academic providers, or other service providers that are providing or that have provided the learner with education;
    • from a relevant public or equivalent entity
    1. To whom will personal information be disclosed?
    • The personal information will only be disclosed in terms of the applicable statutory requirements which may be imposed on NMA Schools, in the course of providing educational services to the students, parents and guardians, in terms of informed consent provided by parents and guardians and to the relevant educational and statutory departments which may require such information from time to time.
    • NMA Schools will take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality and security of all personal information when it is disclosed to a third party and seek to ensure the third-party deals with such personal information in accordance with POPIA.
    1. Storage and Retention of Information
    • All Personal Information which the individual provides to NMA Schools will be held and/ or stored securely for the purpose required in providing educational services to the student, parent and guardian.
    • The individual’s Personal Information will be stored electronically and non-electronically in the form of the individual’s hard copy paper application and annexures to the application form and any subsequent correspondence received by NMA Schools
    • Where data is stored electronically outside the borders of South Africa, such is done only in countries that have similar privacy laws to our own or where such facilities are bound contractually to no lesser regulations than those imposed by POPIA.
    • NMA Schools is legally obliged to provide adequate protection for the personal information we hold and to stop unauthorized access and use of personal information. NMA Schools will, on an on-going basis, continue to review our security controls and related processes to ensure that personal information remains secure.
    • Our security policies and procedures cover:
    • Physical security;
    • Computer and network security;
    • Access to personal information;
    • Secure communications;
    • Security in contracting out activities or functions;
    • Retention and disposal of information;
    • Acceptable usage of personal information;
    • Governance and regulatory issues;
    • Monitoring access and usage of private information;
    • Investigating and reacting to security incidents.
    • When we contract with third parties, we will impose appropriate security, privacy and confidentiality obligations on them to ensure that personal information that we remain responsible for, is kept secure.
    • When we disclose personal information to anyone, we will take appropriate safeguards to protect personal information to ensure that the recipient will handle the information in a manner consistent with this policy and the level of protection provided for in POPIA.
    1. How long will your personal information be kept
    • NMA Schools will retain personal information we collect from where we have an ongoing legitimate business need to do so (for example, to provide the individual with a service) or to comply with applicable legal, tax or accounting requirements
    • We shall only retain and store personal information for the period for which the information is required to serve the purpose for its collection, or a legitimate interest or the period required to comply with applicable legal requirements, whichever is longer. Thereafter, all the individuals Personal Information will be permanently destroyed and or deleted.
    1. Rights regarding the processing of personal information:
    • The individual may withdraw consent to the processing of personal information at any time, and should they wish to do so, must provide NMA Schools with reasonable written notice to that effect.
    • The withdrawal of consent is still subject to the terms and conditions of any contract that is in place. Should the withdrawal of consent result in the interference of legal obligations, then such withdrawal will only be effective if NMA Schools agrees to such withdrawal in writing.
    • Further, please note that the revocation of consent is not retroactive and such revocation will not affect disclosures of personal information that have already been made prior to such revocation.
    • In order to withdraw consent, please contact and furnish the written revocation to the Information Officer of NMA Schools at munira@nmaschools.co.za.
    1. Right to Access
    • The individual has the right to access their personal information that NMA Schools may have in its possession and is entitled to request the identity of which third parties have received and/or processed personal information for the purpose.
    • Any request in this regard may be declined if:
    • the information comes under legal privilege in the course of litigation;
    • the disclosure of personal information in the form that it is processed may result in the disclosure of confidential or proprietary information;
    • the information was collected in furtherance of an investigation or legal dispute, instituted or being contemplated;
    • the information as it is disclosed may result in the disclosure of another person’s information;
    • the information contains an opinion about another person and that person has not consented, and/or
    • the disclosure is prohibited by law.
    1. Right to Object
    • In terms of S11 (3) of the POPIA, the individual has the right to object in the prescribed manner to NMA Schools processing the Personal Information. On receipt of an objection NMA Schools will place a hold on any further processing until the cause of the objection has been resolved.
    1. Accuracy of Information and Onus
    • POPIA requires that all Personal Information and related details supplied, are complete, accurate and up to date.
    • Whilst NMA Schools will always use its best endeavours to ensure thatPersonal Information is reliable, it will be the individuals responsibility to advise NMA Schools of any changes to their Personal Information, as and when these may occur.
    • NMA Schools will largely rely on the individual to ensure that personal information is correct and accurate.
    • The Individual has the right to ask us to update, correct or delete their personal information.
    1. Requesting access and lodging of complaints:
    • Any requests for access to personal information must be submitted in writing to the NMA Schools Information Officer at munira@nmaschools.co.za
    • With any request for access to personal information, NMA Schools will require the individual to provide personal information in order to verify the identity of the individual and therefore it will need to exercise the right to access the information
    • There may be a reasonable monetary charge payable by the individual requesting access and such individual will be required to pay such charge in order for NMA Schools to provide copies of the information requested.
    • If any request has not been addressed to the individual’s satisfaction a complaint, in writing, may be lodged at the office of the Information Regulator.
    1. Right to amend this Privacy and Security Statement
    • NMA Schools reserves the right to amend this Policy document at any time. All amendments to this Policy document will be posted on the website or communicated to all individuals concerned.
    • Unless otherwise stated, the current version shall supersede and replace all previous versions of this privacy and security statement.


    Consent and Permission to process personal information:

    I hereby provide authorization to NMA Schools to process the personal information provided for the purpose stated in its policy document.

    I understand that the withholding of or failure to disclose personal information will result in NMA Schools being unable to perform its functions and/or any services or benefits that I may require from NMA Schools.

    Where I share personal information of individuals other than myself with NMA Schools I hereby provide consent on their behalf to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information in accordance with this consent provided and I warrant that I am authorised to give this consent on their behalf.

    To this end, I indemnify and hold NMA Schools harmless in respect of any claims by any other person, on whose behalf I have consented, against NMA Schools should they claim that I was not so authorised or for any other reason relating to such consent.

    I understand that in terms of POPIA and other laws of the country, there are instances where my express consent is not necessary in order to permit the processing of personal information, which may be related to police investigations, litigation or when personal information is publicly available.

    I will not hold NMA Schools responsible for any improper or unauthorised use of my personal information that is beyond its reasonable control.

    I, the undersigned, hereby confirm that I understand the nature and extent of the consent described and granted herein and further confirm that I intend to be bound fully by the aforesaid consent, in confirmation of which I do hereby duly sign and attest to this document.

    Social Media Consent


    NMA Schools understands the need for children to be safeguarded from exploitation in our digital society and as such will endeavour to take all reasonable precautionary measures within its power to keep your child’s image and personal information safe and ensure that such information is not used for any other purpose other than communicated below.
    This consent ensures that your wishes as a parent/guardian in respect of your child’s images, audio and videos are respected and safeguarded and in the event that you do not agree to the this consent your child’s face will be blurred or blotted out.

    We hereby xxxxx NMA Schools permission to use any still and/or moving image, video footage, photographs and/or frames and/or audio footage depicting my/our child named on the application form, taken by any employee of NMA Schools or on behalf of the NMA Schools, for any of the following uses:
    1. Sales and marketing materials such as leaflets, flyers, brochures or any other printed media designed for this purpose:
    2. Development of materials for educational or publicity purposes:
    3. Promotion of NMA Schools on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc; and
    4. Sharing on parent/teacher specific WhatsApp messaging groups

    Consent will apply to international publications and will be valid for an indefinite period unless this consent is revoked in writing at your specific request.
    NMA Schools will under no circumstances sell any moving image, video footage, photographs and/or frames and/or audio footage of your child/children to a third party.
    I, We confirm that we have read and understood the terms and conditions on this consent form